RFX Pro Series 20300 Dual Compound Grips White Centre (White/Grey) Pair


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RFX Grips are manufactured from high spec synthetic Kraton Polymer and feature the vibration reduction benefits and stickiness of natural rubber but resist damage caused by sunlight and chemicals that occur with natural rubber.

RFX Grips feature a dual density design which allows for an external 60 SA compound that is more durable and resists crash damage. Yet has a soft centre 25 SA compound grip area for the best vibration resistance and comfort available.

RFX Grips use the industry standard half waffle design with a level RFX Logo on the palm, this upper diamond and lower waffle design gives the best combination of palm area comfort and lower grip for muddy conditions.    

 Dual Density Grip Features


  • Made using high spec synthetic Kraton Polymer for the ultimate sticky grip.
  • Dual Compound tool design allows for the best combination of compounds.
  • 25 SA centre compound improves comfort and reduces vibration.
  • 60 SA end compound improves crash damage resistance.
  • Half Waffle design gives the best combination of grip and comfort.
  • Smooth diamond pattern and level RFX logo on the palm area offer excellent grip without sacrificing comfort and causing blisters.
  • Waffle design on the finger area gives the best grip available for muddy conditions
  • Available in 26 colour combinations.
  • Packaged in pairs for use with right hand twist throttle machines.

 Fitting Instructions

  •  Remove old grips.
  • Clean the bar and throttle tube to remove any old glue using a spray solvent (eg. Maxima Electrical Contact Cleaner).
  • Coat the ends of the throttle tube and bar with a small amount of RFX Grip Glue (avoid using too much as it will seep out and make a mess or worse cause improper throttle action)
  • Slide the grip into position on the bar, lifting the lip to prevent any air getting trapped and spinning it round on the bar to help distribute the glue evenly.
  • Set the grip in the correct position with the RFX logo on the end level with the ground.
  • If required, fit safety wire. Double wrap the wire evenly across the grip in the two end grooves and also two evenly in the centre if needed.
  • Twist the wire together using RFX wire pliers to clamp the grip firmly.
  • Cut the ends of the wire about 4mm long and bend into the grip, tap with a hammer if necessary to bed in position.
  • Allow at least 8 hours for the glue to dry before use.
  • Check no glue has entered the throttle area by making sure the throttle returns properly before use.
  • Fit RFX Donuts if needed to prevent blisters and you’re ready to go.

 Care Instructions

  • Take care not to damage the surface of your bars when fitting by avoiding using sharp objects and tools to clean them.
  • Wash using a sponge and soapy water and rinse using a hose pipe or jet wash on a low pressure.
  • Avoid aiming the jet wash at the sealing lip to prevent the grip becoming loose.
  • After washing avoid spraying chemicals such as contact cleaner on the grips as they could damage the material.
  • Check the grips have not torn after crashing as this could let dirt into the throttle assembly, replace if needed.


Brand RFX
Width 16cm
Height 23cm
Weight 0.45kg
Condition New

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